Dyer County Schools is committed to providing families non-traditional learning opportunities that meet the changing needs of our world while preparing our students to meet their personal goals for success.

Our Purpose:

The Choctaw Academy offers an alternative to the traditional classroom environment through rigorous, online instructional delivery methods.  The Choctaw Academy utilizes the Edgenuity and Odysseyware learning management systems, which deliver course content aligned with the Tennessee Academic Standards.  Students are expected to be self-motivated learners who adhere to online academic and attendance requirements.

Our Vision:

The Choctaw Academy strives to reimagine traditional education in a way that accommodates the changing needs of students and families.  The safety and well-being of our students and families are top priorities for our district.  Our students will all have an opportunity to meet their full potential in pursuit of their dreams through a rigorous learning platform, supportive family members, and online student support.

Our Mission:

The Choctaw Academy exists to provide a rigorous, online educational option which empowers students to meet their highest academic and personal potential.

Our Motto:

“Pursuing Incredible Opportunities”

Our Goals:

  • Academic Mastery
  • 95% or higher Attendance Rates
  • Ready Graduates

What does Asynchronous Mean?

Instruction at the Choctaw Academy is primarily delivered asynchronously in the same format and style of a college online learning course.  This means that online students and teachers can access the virtual courses and participate at various times without being online at the same time.   We are not a synchronous online program with students and teachers logging in and interacting at the same time.  Students are required to complete weekly check-ins with teachers at designated times; those times will be established by the teacher once the academic year begins.  During these synchronous experiences, students and teachers can collaborate on assignments and discuss any concerns either may have.